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Ship Repair

Bulmar's team of specialists could provide complete technical management for ships under repair - 24 hour service for vessels visiting Bulgaria as well as abroad. “Bulmar Services” Ltd. has it’s own production facility with workshop – 1800 sq.m. The main aim of the company is providing the best technical solutions for shipowners in the shortest possible terms, with high quality of offered services.

•    Main and auxiliary engines repairs and overhauling.

•    Crankshaft grinding and replacement.

•  Realignment of engines, gearboxes, bearings, sterntube bearings with chocks pouring by “Chockfast”.

•  Tubular/plate oil, fuel, air and water heat exchangers.
•    Overhauling of centrifugal, reciprocate, gear, screw pumps. Spare parts producing/ reconditioning.
•    Compressors overhauling and reconditioning.
•    Gate and globe valve reconditioning and repair.
And other ship repair services.

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